Survey Says… Update from Bob and Nancy Warren

HungaryBlogThe Bakony and Balaton region (see picture), which includes Tapolca (west end of the region), has numerous churches, the vast majority Catholic.  According to an Hungarian evangelical leader, there are 74 Reformed churches in the region with only three having pastors who peach the Gospel.  As we interacted with those who live in the area, church is regarded as tradition or just part of their heritage.  In conversations you hear, I’m _______ (insert church name) but I’m an atheist.”

With Matthew 9:37-38 in mind, pray for these specific individuals/teams.
1)  Shaun and Sondi Carlaw, who are now back from a three month furlough, to have renewed energy and wisdom for new strategies to share the Gospel in the Tapolca area.
2) The regional city is Veszprem.  There, Adam Szabados is the pastor of a small vibrant evangelical church.  This young congregation, in an university setting, long to see their people come to know Jesus Christ.
3) Some of our high schools students from The Orchard will be leading a high school English camp this summer in Hegyesd, six miles east of Tapolca.  Pray for the Gospel to impact these young people and thereby their families.

We are grateful for your prayer support these past three months while in Hungary.  Rejoice with us as well as to petition the Lord to “cultivate the planted seeds” of the Gospel.
1) We asked you to pray for Sylvie.  She shared with us her affirmation of the decision to follow Christ!
2) Intercede for those who continue to be open and considering what it means to accept and follow Jesus Christ.
3) Pray for those we met, not associated with the English class settings, who expressed a willingness for Shaun and Sondi to contact them after we left.

Again, with grateful hearts we thank you for your prayer support for us.  These three months of ministry in Hungary were amazing, personally stretching, and changed our hearts for the world.  We love you.

One response to “Survey Says… Update from Bob and Nancy Warren

  1. Bob and Nancy, You are treasured ones! Thank you for giving 90 days, of all the days God has given you, to minister to Hungarians. May the Lord kindly direct in your obedience to do that every year for the rest of your lives. 🙂 Bless you!

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