Auf Wiedersehen – Update from Bob and Nancy Warren

It does not seem possible that it was a week ago Thursday that we had the last adult English session and then left Tapolca on Friday.  Saying “good-bye” is hard to do but we hope to stay in touch with several with whom the relationships were developing.

KiddosThe picture of the kids is the Wednesday kids club in the neighboring town of Monosorapati.  (The  little girl in the back row, on the left, is the 4 year daughter – Zoe – of our interpreter.) Thanks for praying for these kids.  Marte, front row in the red shirt, always asked probing questions after each Bible story; he always focused when we talked about Christ.

We are so grateful for your prayers and support these three months.  It was evident to us as we would reflect on conversations we had with individuals as well as the surprising crossing of paths with various individuals.  In addition, our Lord was gracious in caring for us and revealing areas of growth.  To say “Thank You” is so inadequate but it is heartfelt! 

On our way back home we are visiting friends in ministry.  What a delight to be in the home of Bjorn and Trisha Olsen in Budapest.  How amazing and encouraging to see the ministry of the International Christian School of Budapest.  Then we are visiting missionary friends in Edinburgh, Scotland.  We anticipate being home May 30.  Rejoicing in the faithfulness of our Lord and with grateful hearts,
Bob and Nancy 

2 responses to “Auf Wiedersehen – Update from Bob and Nancy Warren

  1. Hi Bob and Nancy,
    Hard to believe your time has come to a close. It really did go by FAST. Hope you’re having a great visit with Drew and Christine. I know you will be a special encouragement to them. They have looked forward to your visit for quite a while. God bless and hope to see you soon!
    Bud and Nancy

  2. Time really seemed to fly! Can’t believe you will be home soon. We have enjoyed your updates and look forward to seeing you sometime soon.
    Melissa and Tim

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