Answered Prayers – Update from Bob and Nancy Warren

In our last post we asked you to join us in praying for specific opportunities to interact with individuals these closing days in Tapolca.  Again, we are grateful for your intercession as we sensed the discussions have been guided by our Lord.

Nancy BlogWe asked you to pray with us for Karcsi and his family.  Last Friday, we were at his home for dinner. We had a wonderful time as well as opportunities to share.  Pray for Edit, Karcsi’s wife; what a sweet lady.  We wished we might have met her earlier as maybe she would have been more, willing to participate with her husband in the English opportunities.  Please continue to pray for this family.

The two single gals, Bekah and Xenia, we have shared about before, were back over last Saturday morning — a great time.  From our interaction with Xenia, we learned of her interest in spiritual matters and would be open to meet with Sondi when she returns from Canada.  Pray with us for Sondi to be able to meet with Xenia sometime soon!

Another request we asked for prayer was our having lunch with Sylvia and Miklos.  The time went very well as we shared and challenged them how Christ makes the difference in a marriage relationship.  Pray that they will take time to read together some of the materials we will be getting to them.

This is our last week in Tapolca.  Ask The Lord for guidance in managing our time as we spend “last times” with those we have interacted with these three months.  Appreciate prayer for the two eighth graders — (picture) Karcsi (left) and Balasz (right) when we meet for the last time this Tuesday afternoon.  Both of these young guys excel in their school classes; they placed very high in competitive academic testing.  Karcsi shared that he is an atheist; however, some of the apologetic topics we have talked about are new to him and seem to have his attention.  Pray, pray, pray.  There was the opportunity for Balasz to hear the Gospel message as he and his father were present at the Easter service held here in our apartment.

Our Lord has been so faithful these many weeks and one of a His expressions has been knowing you have been supporting us in prayer — so valued!

One response to “Answered Prayers – Update from Bob and Nancy Warren

  1. I praise God for your obedience to go and take the gospel to those families. Thank you!

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