Finish Strong – Update from Bob and Nancy Warren

May 1st was a national holiday in Hungary. Here in the center of Tapolca there was a celebration ceremony for the students who will graduate from high school in June. We attended, watched, listened and wondered whether these young people have any hope for their future. We wondered if they know any encouragement in life because they have heard and are challenged by a personal relationship with Jesus. We sensed that this was another class of young people moving on in life with most of them having no understanding of the abundant life made possible by our Lord Jesus Christ. What a visual challenge for us to be praying for our high school teens from The Orchard who will be coming to the Tapolca area this July to lead English teen camps. What an opportunity for changed lives and eternal dividends!

Bob and PaulWith the calendar page now May 6, it is only two weeks until we leave Hungary. It does not seem possible that the time has gone by as quickly as it has! For these remaining days, pray for one-on-one conversations we hope to still have with individuals. Two men who have faithfully attended every week the English Bible study (on Tuesdays) and the adult English sessions (on Thursdays) are Paul (pictured) and Karcsi. Both men have been invited to meet for breakfast but they have not expressed any interest yet. Pray with me that there will still be an opportunity to personally meet with both of these men. After I finish writing this, Nancy and I are having lunch with Sylvia and Miklos. Miklos has not accepted Christ. (Pictured on horse).

Hungary HorsesStill, a good portion do our time these past several days has been spent with individuals — e.g., Ava and George invited us over to their home for the afternoon; the two single gals, Bekah and Xenia, called us to see if we could get together. We are grateful for these new relationships plus the comments from several who say they desire to stay in touch with us.

Thank you for your continued intercession regarding these new friends.

One response to “Finish Strong – Update from Bob and Nancy Warren

  1. Thanks for this update! So glad you’re having these individual times. You are planting seeds – may The Lord bring new life and growth!!! Will be great to see you soon! Dave and Debbie

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