Badacsony, Veszprem & Tapolca, Oh My! Update from Bob and Nancy

Last week we asked you to pray for us for “the Lord to continue to arrange connections with those we are getting to know.”

B & NThese past several days we have seen our Lord answer our heart’s desire.  On Wednesday we were asked to drive to Badacsony on Lake Balaton (think Lake Geneva) to meet with the owner of the pastry shop Cintrom Presszo.  (picture). While visiting with Itsza (picture – front right) she asked me to share something from the Bible.  For the next 20 to 30 minutes, we had the privilege of sharing the Gospel.  Pray for The Lord to draw her to Himself.

While there, we met her daughter Xenia (picture – on Nancy’s right). She has a master’s degree, worked in Iceland, and is fluent in three languages. On Saturday morning, Xenia met with us along with Becka (another single gal whom we have met and previously shared about).  Join us in praying for additional opportunities to interact with these young women.

Sunday morning the 27th, we drove to Veszprem to attend an evangelical church.  Sylvia (picture from March 11 post) was unable to come with us but still wanted to get together to talk about the Bible.  Sunday evening we had an encouraging time with Sylvia sharing Scripture to affirm her decision to trust Jesus Christ.  PTL!

We are grateful for your continued prayers for us as we think and pray about our future.  The pastor’s message Sunday morning was from Ezra chapters 1-3.  The theme and challenge of the message was trusting God with new beginnings in life.

We are praying for you all too in light of the events of these past days with the deaths of Gary and John Gabel.  Rejoicing that our Lord knows our comings and goings (Psalm 121:8).

One response to “Badacsony, Veszprem & Tapolca, Oh My! Update from Bob and Nancy

  1. Very exciting! We are praying for the two of you….and what did you mean by “pray for our future”? Are you coming back?!! Love you both!

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