“You are a chosen people” – Update from Bob and Nancy

“You are a chosen people … a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of Him who called us out of darkness into His wonderful light” (1 Peter 2:9) … all made possible because of what we remembered and celebrated this past Good Friday and Easter Sunday!

It was encouraging to experience these truths in another culture this Easter weekend.  We celebrated Easter with a small group of individuals in our apartment.  But not everyone in this small community of Tapolca reflect on the work of the cross and rejoice in the empty tomb.  It seems for many of them their “memorial” points to a sad past – the enormous loss and humiliation after World War I.

HungaryPostIn one of the main parks there is a special memorial. On one side of the memorial is this statement — partial paraphrase. “I believe in one God and in my homeland.  I believe in the resurrection of Hungary.”  Pray for the hearts of individuals in Tapolca to be changed by the proclamation of and the witness to our Risen Lord.

A praise and petition to share with you:  Praise – Last week we mentioned about meeting Asuzu and Ajnail in Budapest.  We learned Saturday that both these men attended the Good Friday Service at the Danube International Church.  And not only that, but the table where they “happened” to sit was hosted by James Laterdale, an EFCA Reach Global missionary.  It was James that we had been in conversation with regarding how to be in touch with these men.  Then Monday morning, I had an email from James.  Both Asuzu and Ajnail attended the Easter service and they were with an Indonesian missionary who works with refugees.  PTL!

Petition – Pray for Ava (and her husband, George) who attends the adult English class; she is in  Nancy’s section.  She invited us out to their “ranch/resort” for Easter Monday as it was a holiday.  Pray for the on-going relationship that Nancy has with Ava and for the Lord to be at work in her life.

Grateful for your prayers as we desire for the Lord to continue to arrange connections with those we are getting to know.

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