One Month Update from Bob and Nancy Warren

Rejoicing in our Lord’s goodness to us these now 30+ days of being in Tapolca.  In some ways it does not seem to have been this long. We are encouraged that some of the relationships, both with adults and young people, are growing and the conversations are more personal and interactive.

Hungary3The presentation in the two English classes this past week went well.  Thank you for praying.  The school is one that specializes in music.  Erica, the English teacher, and Ezster, the music teacher, both attend the Thursday adult English class.  Several of the eighth grade students that Nancy met (see picture) expressed an interest in coming to the Tuesday afternoon youth English class in our apartment.  Pray with us that they will be willing to attend.

Knowing you are praying for us each week sustains us.  Since last Tuesday night, I (Bob) have been out of action — high fever, congestion, coughing, etc.  (I have not been this sick in a very long time!). Ric, the other team member, has also been sick.  On Friday, we both saw the doctor and the antibiotics are working.  We appreciate you praying for good health for all of us as Ric took his wife, Judy, to the doctor this morning and Nancy was not feeling well all day Sunday.

It is amazing how the Lord directs our paths in meeting individuals.  Last Saturday afternoon when we went out to walk in the warmth of the sun (yea!), we met Rebekah, a young single gal.  She just arrived this week in Tapolca, from Minneapolis, MN, to teach English in an elementary school; she left her corporate job with Target to do something different.  Nancy is meeting with her this evening.  We see this as a “divine appointment” so join us in praying for Bekah.

4 responses to “One Month Update from Bob and Nancy Warren

  1. Praying you both are on the mend and for Bekah and the others you are working with. It seems that the cold and flu bugs are everywhere around here too! Be glad you have warm sun to walk in. As you probably know, it’s still very cold here! It was 12 degrees at six a.m. this morning. But by Sunday it’s to be near 60.

  2. Am sorry you folks have caught the “bug” – but hopefully you are on the mend. Have praying thinking of you and praying for you that the English Groups may be a starting point of God’s love entering into their lives and that both of you – Bob & Nancy are there to help them in the start of their walk with Jesus – or to help them continue further in their walk with Jesus. Hope you are enjoying your time there – and the WONDERFUL weather you are having there – compare to the “COLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD here”.

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