The Hungary Summit – Bob and Nancy Warren

This past week has been one of praise, celebration,and challenge. With grateful hearts we also rejoice in the various evidences of our Lord’s goodness to us personally.

It was a privilege to attend The Summit in Budapest!  Not only did we have rich fellowship with those from The Orchard but were delighted to meet others from several Evan. Free churches who support the ministry in Budapest.  We heard, saw, and experienced the impact the Kelenfold Ministry Center will be having in the months to come.  Two examples:

Hungary 31) The Montazs Art Center.  Friday evening nearly one hundred young people crammed into the area that will soon be the cafe.  In addition, because of the brand new subway line that just opened, with a stop located right by the center, the exposure and access to hundreds of individuals will be great.

2) Multiple churches came together to present an evening concert of worship; what a tremendous picture of the Body of Christ worshiping our Lord in a facility well equipped to be used by Christian brothers and sisters but also available to others in the community.

There are two other thoughts we’d like to share.  First, it was challenging and humbling to hear Hungarian pastors share their vision for reaching individuals/families in some very difficult settings throughout the country.  What a need for the Body of Christ to come alongside these brothers and sisters in Christ.  Secondly, our Lord gave us the gift of wonderful weather which allowed us to walk through various areas of the city, praying for the Spirit of God to move in the hearts and lives of people who are struggling (e.g., in poverty, caught up in sex trafficking, etc.)

We are grateful for your continued prayers.  One specific answer has been our rapid recovery after being sick and having sustained energy to participate in the conference.

2 responses to “The Hungary Summit – Bob and Nancy Warren

  1. Hi Bob and Nancy,
    We are so excited about the Montazs Art Cafe. What a thrill to be a part of something which is going to expand the kingdom in such amazing ways! And how fun for you to be able to be there to see it in its beginnings.
    So glad that you are feeling better. Many were praying for you. 🙂
    Bet you’re missing your family back home. Will pray that all goes well stateside so that you can concentrate on everything there.
    Have a delightful day!

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