Welcome Back Agnes

ADowneyThis weekend, we welcome back Agnes from a month of doing construction work at the KMK ministry center in Budapest! She reports, “I wasn’t feeling very productive initially, but I slowly saw projects coming to completion. It’s the way things go sometimes with steps in projects, especially if dry wall is involved; mud and wait for it to dry and then mudding again, sanding, priming, painting, etc.” Agnes was there to meet the four “Rhinos” from The Orchard who also spent many hours helping to ready the building for the Montazs Art Cafe opening this spring.  Agnes adds, “It’s been a joyful month.  I love hanging drywall, painting and working things out when it comes to building maintenance.  I know it’s weird, but it’s the heart God gave this girl.” Thank you, Agnes, for using that heart God gave you so Hungarians can hear the gospel! Here is a photo of her hard work!

This coming week we send our next team to Budapest. On Wednesday, Pastor Greg Norwine, Dave, and Keith will head off to the Hungary Summit in Budapest, where they will be informed and encouraged about how God is at work in the city and across the country. They will also have the chance to catch up with Bob and Nancy there. Rich and Brad Mullet with be flying in for the Summit after having spent this week on a vision trip to other Balkan regions with Tammy and Kujtim. Find out more about the Hungary Summit and how you can be praying. 

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