Praises and Petitions from Bob and Nancy Warren

Hungary 3The platform to meet and interact with adults and thereby to share Christ is the English classes.  Those in the largest class (picture) have been faithful each week.  It is a delight to visit with each one during the meal time (between the two class sessions).  Nancy’s class (level 3 with 4 individuals) is going well.  This past week, the men in the level one class attended and it was Bob’s first time in meeting with them.  Pray they will continue to attend these spring weeks.

1) With the weather becoming warmer, we were told that attendance in the two kids clubs would be up and down.  We are seeing this to be true already.  Pray that the young people will continue to attend.
2) Pray for our two translators.  Magdolna is not feeling well and missed part of last week’s session.  Edina’s husband, Peter, a plumber, had several of his work projects cancelled.  Consequently, things are financially tight for them.  We are seeing that part of our “ministry” is coming alongside these two families.
3) The English presentation in one of the public schools is this Thursday (moved from Wednesday).  Ask The Lord to go before us as we interact with students in two morning classes.

Rejoicing in our Lord’s daily goodness to us.  Grateful for your continued interest and prayers!

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