Reasons to Praise the Lord – Bob and Nancy Warren

Here are three of many reasons to praise the Lord for this past week:

B&N Hungary1.  Miklos and Sylvia (in picture) wanted to get together for another outing this past weekend. This was especially encouraging since Miklos does not appear to be interested in spiritual matters but wants to get together socially.

2.  We have been invited by two believing English teachers to present a conversational lesson in their respective schools. Pray for wisdom as we develop the presentation and that we will be able to clearly share Christ.

3.  This week we have heard more extensively the testimonies of Edina and Magdolna, the ladies who are translating for us.  Magdolna’s (in picture) testimony is powerful. She shares how her life under the Communist reign was so depressing that often she considered suicide. However, it was the daily testimony of a Christian coworker that caused her to ask questions and thereby pursue wanting to know how God could help her live life. Pray for her as she longs for others to come to know Jesus Christ.

Grateful for your continued prayers!

4 responses to “Reasons to Praise the Lord – Bob and Nancy Warren

  1. Nancy, thanks for the awesome report! I’ll ask my life group tonight to pray for you and Bob. Lots of emphasis was put on our Hungarian outreach last Sunday on Mission Sunday. It was a great reminder of all that has happened since the Secrests went over there so long ago. God is faithful and God is good.

  2. Hi Bob and Nancy,
    Great update. We will pray for the English class presentations and for Magdolna. Her testimony was inspiring to read…We’ll also pray for Miklos and Sylvia…that they do become interested!
    We sent you an e-mail the other day, but don’t know if you’re reading your e-mail. 🙂
    Love you,
    Bud and Nancy

  3. So encouraged to hear this update! You are on our hearts and minds often, Bob and Nancy!! It’s so exciting to hear how our all-knowing God continues to use you mightily for His purposes! We will keep praying!!!

    “I am sure that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus comes back again”. – Philippians 1:6

  4. Hey Lifers- It is so cool so think of you 2 and your new adventures. Speaking of cool, it is mostly still cool here. Yesterday it warmed up but back to some snow tonight!! It will be great to hear as you process it all when you get home. God’s continued blessings- Love, Martha and Jim Messer

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