Farewell to Winter – Bob and Nancy Warren

In the picture taken from the center of Tapolca, the banner is announcing a village celebration called “Farewell to Winter.”  We attended the festival which included music, folk dancing, and a bonfire to chase away the spirit of winter.  From what we have heard, you want to say goodbye to winter too!
Despite a somewhat turbulent flight and a much longer drive to Tapolca from a Budapest due to rain and fog, overall the trip here went well. Thank you for praying.
The first week was filled with adjustments to living but very encouraging in meeting the young people in the two English clubs as well as the adults in the Bible study and the English study (two separate groups). One of the couples (Sylvie and Miklos) invited us out to see their farm last Saturday. We are trusting this relationship will build.
Shaun and Sondi Carlaw are now back in Canada so we are now on our “own.” However, unknown to us before coming, our Lord provided two couples to team with us.  Edina and Peter are from Budapest and they will come down each week to be here Tuesday through Thursday (Edina will be our main translator).  Rich and Judy, from St. Louis, will share the teaching responsibilities.
Pray this week for wisdom and direction. Each week we need to develop English lessons for the young people and the adult Bible studies. Ask The Lord to direct in our preparation and our time with the young people. Intercede with us for spiritual understanding for the adults as we sense several are open to the Gospel.
Grateful for your prayers –
Love, Bob and Nancy

3 responses to “Farewell to Winter – Bob and Nancy Warren

  1. Thanks for this note!! We are praying for you and so glad you have some others that will be with you even if for part of the time. The festival sounds ‘ interesting’ and the farm visit sounds great!! We love you! Dave and Debbie

  2. Hi Bob and Nancy! I’m so glad you are there safe and sound and I had my Life Group pray for you last week. I know you are going to be a blessing to those people, just as you blessed us for so many years.

    Please let us know how we can pray!


  3. Bob and Nancy,
    Glad to hear you are settling in and starting your new life adventure. We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

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