11/2 – Update from Cindi, Kari O., and Georgette

Highlights of the week:

Camp is over and today we said goodbye to three of our team mates who headed back to Chicago. As Alyssa, Brad W and Josh headed back home, the rest of us had a great team bonding time in Vienna sharing our favorite moments of the week:

Betsy – Listening to students open up and start talking about their lives even very early in the week.

Kari O. – Talking to Shaun and Sondi (church planters in Tapolca) about their life on the mission field and their desire for more Christians to partner with them.

Georgette – Reconnecting with students, Victor and Dominik, and sharing a cup of coffee with their mom.

Cindi – Bence asking me to play foosball and cheering, “Come on Cindi” even when I made a mistake and then giving each other a “double high five” when we scored.

Tom – Loved the camp, the kids, the team, and seeing the bravery of Shaun and Sondi in Tapolca as they minister in this unreached part of Hungary.

Kari M – Loved seeing The Orchard team fall in love with Hungary and the ministry in Kelenfold.

Barb – Hearing the testimonies of the Hungarian teens participating in the Leadership Track and when Lily, a very shy girl, pushed through the crowd for one last hug.

Dave – Knowing that the young boys in my class were exposed to the truth of the gospel at least 7 times in our small group discussions.

Brad M – When Bene and Ildi shared their testimonies in our small group. Also how the boys in our class respected Dave and listened attentively when he shared his testimony.

Mark – Meeting Tibi, a blind man who is an elder of the Kelenfold church. And hearing, “I really hope you come back” from one of the students.

Steve – I really enjoyed the kids and the team from The Orchard. I had the privilege of teaching with Kari Mullet and it was a lot of fun!

Thanks for your continued prayers. Tomorrow we attend three different churches in three different cities to encourage our Hungarian friends.

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