11/1 Update from Alyssa Hillman

Today was sadly the last day of camp, but also one of the most memorable. Here are a few highlights (I’m writing this on my phone so I’m sorry about the formatting):
-Taking three modes of transportation to get to the high ropes course (our end of camp celebration with the students) with plenty of chat time along the way.
-Watching Brad W., Josh N., Dave M., Steve & Cindi J., Betsy & Tom O. shimmy their way through the high ropes (embarrassing pictures to come).
-Having one of the best Psychiatrist games in camp history.
-Passing out Bible verses to our students that reflect & encourage what they have expressed this week in small groups. This seemed to be a much needed gift (judging by the swelled eyes from a few of our students).
-The team praying for Budapest from the highest point in the city (I still have goose bumps).
As you can see, God has been visible to all different aspects of this trip and thank you again for everyone who has supported our team! Judging by how much we all loved it, this will not be our last trip to Hungary.
I also wanted to take a moment and thank the team for being so welcoming, thoughtful, humble, fun and hilarious– the van rides, whispering ‘trees’ on the bus, mystery breakfasts, quick lesson plans  and gelato runs will go down in history. It has been a blessing and honor to serve with you.


2 responses to “11/1 Update from Alyssa Hillman

  1. Reading your post gives me goosebumps…especially the praying part . Wonderfully blessed to take part in God’s work here. Thank everyone who partnered with us in the gospel.

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