10/29/13 Update from Mark Graves

As we finish our morning meeting, prayer and devotions, the calm and steady atmosphere of the future art cafe & coffee house begins to hum with the energy of an ever increasing flow of bright eyed teens full of anticipation.  All this intense energy is channeled into the morning welcome and short activities until we break into classrooms where relationships are further cultivated and ultimately the word of God served.

Classroom time quickly gets underway and for many it seems effortless to get full involvement.  As participation builds, so do the smiles and often laughter fills the air.  Gods Word continues to weave its way throughout the lessons and as one leader may have said it best “It’s like having small group all day, every day”.

Noon worship time erupts with song in both English and Hungarian. If the students didn’t sing the words they all certainly had the moves to follow the songs.  Soon the wonderful Good News message is delivered during chapel time giving everyone the opportunity to hear and hopefully understand how much God loves them.  One of the young interpreters ensured the message was also delivered in the language of the homeland.  Once again the classrooms were filled but this time specifically for the purpose of discussing the message.  In varying degrees of comprehension questions were raised for clarification and understanding.

To wind up a very busy day, a fast paced game of “capture the flag” is played in the nearby park before each student departs for the evening and prepares for another day at camp tomorrow.  To wrap up we reconvene as a cohesive staff to reflect on what went well, what needs improvement and to prepare to receive our guests again in the morning.

….Oh – and the phrase of the day came from Tom O.  “GET ON THE BUS” !!!

Attached are a few pic’s of our time here which include Brad M. assaulting one of the local pastors during the message, camp kids etc.

🙂  Mark

Brad wrestling the poor local pastor

Brad wrestling the poor local pastor

praise and worship

praise and worship

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