10/30/13 Update From Dave and Barb Melchers

Wednesday – Day Three

We start the day today with a welcome time for the students.  It is an opportunity for them to engage their English skills and also get to know more about others (and have fun!).  The ice breaker today is “My neighbor…”, a fun adaptation of musical chairs.  Lots of running around, a little bit of English, and the ice is officially broken for another day.

We have two sessions again focused on improving English skills.  The students have been divided up based on their current abilities and games and activities are used to support their desire to practice their English and interact with native English speakers.

In addition to teaching and training the students in English comprehension, one theme of our interactions with the students is to tell “our story.”  We talk about our faith in Christ, how it emerged, and why it is important to us.  The students appreciate the personal details and often find both a relevant connection to their own lives and a challenge or inspiration to learn more about Jesus.  There are also older Hungarian students who serve as translators, tell their stories, and engage with the students during a small group time.

We have a worship time again today where there is singing in both English and Hungarian and a brief testimony.  Most everyone is energized and the enthusiasm is high.

The day concludes with a high energy game time.  Another round of “capture the flag” seems to be the highlight for many of the kids.  Many of the volunteers also remind themselves what sprinting feels like as their competitive spirit overcomes their adult sensibilities.

Another day of English camp!

– Dave and Barb

3 responses to “10/30/13 Update From Dave and Barb Melchers

  1. Dave and Barb, sounds wonderful! You are able to do friendly evangelism which is the best kind. See Luke 16: “And I tell you, make FRIENDS for yourselves by means of unrighteous wealth, so that when it fails they may receive you into the eternal dwellings.” You all will have a great welcome! (Luke 16:9 ESV) Mike

    Reverend J. Michael Dixon Wedding Officiant Master of Divinity, Master of Theology 708-602-2864 mike@inowpronounceyou.us http://www.inowpronounceyou.us


  2. Great update. We love hearing how it’s going and it sounds like it’s going great!! With love and prayer, Dave and Debbie

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