10/28/2013 update from Mr. J

Hi everyone!

What a splendid second full day in balmy Budapest for our group!   Already we’re tossing around Hungarian words  “hello, thank you” and the all-important “excuse me” like pros.  🙂   And, much to my surprise, the local dishes we’ve been treated to have been delicious:   Sweet and savory crepes (called pancakes here) for lunch, beef stew with spaetzle,  or a truly outstanding chicken dish  at an idyllic wooden guesthouse/restaurant for dinner.  Some of us even had classic Hungarian goulash fit for royalty, past and present.  To be on the safe side, we’ve chosen to drink bottled water all along the way, thus far, to keep our systems running smoothly, too.  🙂

This morning, with our week-long public transit tickets in hand, we jumped aboard the #148 bus to shop at the Great Central Market.  It is the largest indoor market in the city, built in 1896, with a striking glass and tile roof.  Our ladies found that a number of handmade and beautiful treasures and trinkets made their way into their shopping bags.

The best part of the day for me was finally getting to meet the students this afternoon at the Ministry center.  After months of talk and preparation, we were finally going to begin the work that we had come to do.  This year we have almost 50 students in attendance.  Once all 50 were assembled, Betsy M. was in charge of ice-breaker games to start the camp off right, and she really delivered!  She organized two active games, both with a healthy sprinkling of silliness, that the kids and adults loved.  We then broke into our classes and  began our interaction with the students in English.  The clear highlight of the evening was one returning student asking Betsy, “What is your testimony?”  Betsy was delighted to do so, of course, and we look forward to more such discussions in the coming days.

In my class, I have three absolutely darling girls and two handsome boys (brothers) in 6th or 7th grade, all of which can converse, haltingly but competently, in English.  We have been able to share our first facts about ourselves, such as our hobbies and pets.  Best of all, I can say we have already bonded some around our mutual love for chocolate cake!   🙂

I look forward to more fun and meaningful times with my new class charges this week, and am confident that we’ll be able to talk soon about the place Jesus might have in their hearts.

Mr. J

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