7/16/13 Update From David Andrew

Hey everyone!  It’s David from Budapest.  We just finished the second day of our second week, and I’m pleased to report that the week has been outstanding so far.  Today we wrapped up most of our English lessons for the week.  Tomorrow we start getting ready for parents’ night on Thursday, where the students have an opportunity to show off their new English knowledge in a skit performed with their respective teaching groups.  After English camp our team shared an incredible dinner at a great restaurant.  We then visited Hero Square, an area where monuments and statues stand to honor Hungary’s great historical figures.  Overall it was a wonderful day, and for me it was capped off when I got to meet with one of my old students from last year who has not been able to attend camp this year.

Throughout camp, it is quite clear that God is doing some spectacular things.  I have the privilege of co-leading a chapel discussion group, where we talk with the students about the message shared that day.  Last week, our group changed from being rowdy and hard to control to intently listening and asking great questions, questions that show they are thinking hard about the chapel messages.  I was afraid we would lose ground over the weekend; I thought the group might forget some of the discussion and/or need to have things explained again.  I was pleasantly surprised as we picked up exactly where we left off, and have had wonderful discussion since then.  It was very encouraging to hear that one of the young guys asking questions in our group believed the Gospel last week.  This example is just one of many where God’s work is evident, and it is very encouraging and strengthening to see Him work so obviously.

Personally God has used this week to teach me how to be a leader in multiple situations.  He’s teaching me to lead others (both English students and fellow team members) and stay mentally “with it” even when I’m exhausted.  Put another way, I’m learning firsthand that servant leadership doesn’t stop with the end of English camp.  On a related note, I’m learning to keep my attitude and actions toward others independent of what I receive – in short, the response I get from others while I’m in a leadership position should not change how I lead those people.  It has been so strengthening to my own faith to see God so clearly working here in Hungary, and I’m excited to see how he will use these last three days of camp!

One response to “7/16/13 Update From David Andrew

  1. We are so proud of you and of your dedication to your mission – our prayers and love to you from Texas –
    Love Gram and Harold

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