7/17/13 Update From Kelsey Gilles

Yet another day of camp. Although it was exhausting and draining as usual, I honestly wouldn’t have wanted to change anything about it. Each English class spent majority of their teaching sessions today brainstorming for something we like to call “parent night”. Each class has been preparing, writing and perfecting a skit/song/talent to perform in front of all the students and their families. Although most groups tend to keep their ideas on the DL, from what I’ve gathered, the night is going to be full of incredibly amusing fairy tales, talents shows, and zombie apocalypses 😉 The message this afternoon was once again one of my favorites, because both Peter and Julia shared their testimonies. Although all the gospel messages given this week by both Brad and Mark have been impactful, I feel the testimonies have tended to relate to the campers in ways far deeper than many of us could have imagined. Can’t begin to count the number of times children have come up to all of us American leaders this past week, and even today, and asked us to “tell them our stories”.

However one of the highlights of everyone’s day was most certainly the “Home Visits” we all were able to experience tonight. All 28 Americans were split into individual groups and sent out into Budapest with varies Hungarian students from camp. We all had some pretty incredible experiences, ranging from impactful gospel conversations, breaking furniture, firing sniper airsoft guns, to hiking to the top of the highest peak in Budapest.  Megan and I went to the home of a girl named Dori and last week she warned us to wear “good shoes” because we were apparently going to be going on a “slight” walk through the woods… Nothing could have prepared for the uphill/mountain, 8 mile, 2 ½ hour hike we ended up traversing in a dress, skirt, and flats! Suffice it to say, we can barely walk. We all have some crazy stories…too many to explain here…but feel free to ask us when we get home. We’d all love to share!

However, on a more serious note, the way in which God has been working in and through the students, today and throughout these past two weeks has been absolutely amazing. I’ve seen God’s faithfulness before in my life, but this trip has blown me away in regards to God’s incredible power and his ability to very specifically answer prayer. There have been so many things that God has been teaching me through this trip, but one of the most significant has been in regards to the power of prayer. I’ve never had the privilege to be part of a team that has been as “prayer” focused as this one has been. One of my biggest fears going into this trip was in regards to its unity. I didn’t really see how a team of 28 people could realistically form bonds with each other. “It just won’t work”, “it’s not possible” were consistent thoughts going through my mind. But those things could not be farther from the truth. This team that I’m so  blessed to be part of, is made up of one of the most amazing groups of people I’ve ever met. We’re all so different, and so logically, we shouldn’t get along…but somehow we do. Why? I truly believe it’s because we are not only a team of believers united by Christ, but we are also a team that is saturated in prayer. We’re not only praying for the kids on this trip, but we’re praying for each other; we’re supporting each other through prayer. What could be more bonding? My immediate hesitations no longer exist. We are a team united by Christ, guided by Christ and radiating Christ. This trip is quickly coming to a close, far more quickly than any of us would probably want, but it is one that I will never forget. I’m going to cherish these last few days here, as I know most of my teammates are going to be doing as well. But no matter what happens tomorrow, the next day or ever on the flight home, none will be able to deny that miracles happened on this trip. And I got to see them first hand J

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