7/15/13 Update From Violet Luczak

Today was the beginning of our second week. We had around twenty new campers join us. The morning looked similar to any other morning with games, English classes, chapel, and lunch. In the afternoon we had a scavenger hunt where we had to take the bus downtown with our class and find many strange things. We found a worker named Istvan, something in Latin, and even chicken feet! I’m proud to say my class worked well together and came in 3rd place. After an exciting day at camp we went to Trofea, which was a buffet styled dinner, where we had unlimited duck stew, potato dough balls, and even some forest fruit smoothies.

God has been working in amazing ways here in Hungary. One of my students from last week named Gabi was suppose to leave this week to attend an art camp. We were all surprised when she showed up today for camp. Apparently her camp was canceled and she decided she wanted to spend this week with us. She had been asking a lot of Gospel related questions and it was obvious that God was revealing Himself to her. We had all been praying for her to keep digging deeper and God answered our prayers. Even her mother said that she believed God had wanted her to be at English camp and that He made it possible for her to come back!

One thing that I have learned this trip would be the urgency and importance of sharing the Gospel. I realized that on this trip my mind and heart were focused on sharing Christ’s love, whereas at home that was not always the case. I was encouraged by a leader to bring the joy and excitement I receive by sharing the Gospel with these campers back home to my friends and family. I am sad that camp is coming to an end but eager to go home and tell people the story of how Christ saved me.

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