7/14/13 Update From Keith Meikrantz

Hey everybody, it’s Keith from Hungary.  Today was a good restful day.  We didn’t have to meet until 12:30, which allowed plenty of time for sleeping and then we went to KEGy for lunch and an extended meeting.  Honestly, the highlight of my day was definitely the meeting.  Everyone circled up and we went around and talked to the group individually three times; the first time was for sharing the personal highlights of our week.  The second time was for sharing what God has been teaching us.  The third time was my favorite; we shared prayer requests and people gave encouragement to each person in need of prayer.  It was amazing to see the Holy Spirit working in our group because someone always had something encouraging to say.  After the meeting we prepared our classrooms, went to church, and then went to dinner and gelato to end the night.

The prayer time today was amazing.  People would share a prayer request about something that was hard in their life.  Then, people from the group would encourage the people who were prayed for with personal stories of what they saw during camp.  The whole process took about an hour.  Everyone was prayed for individually. Some would pray for a person who they hardly knew at the beginning of the trip.  Many people were given encouragement from four or five people.  The fact that the people in our group love each other enough to pray out loud for personal requests is beautiful.  Brad even talked in his sermon about how we should stop and take time to encourage other believers.

This trip, I am constantly amazed by two things: The unity of our large group and the power of genuine prayer.  The amount of love and unity that everyone feels for each other is clearly from the Spirit.  Everything that we are doing for God is expanding his kingdom and this is amazing; God’s work couldn’t be done this well without people who genuinely love each other.  The second thing that I’m amazed by is the prayer that is coming out of our group.   On Tuesday we took a half hour to pray for small groups.  That evening we found out that there was a lot of fruit harvested from these groups.  On Friday night we all talked for an hour about all of the good that was coming from each individual.  But I didn’t have anything to share because I hadn’t had a good Gospel conversation with anyone.  I tried several times, but no success.   Everyone was talking about how great their kids were and how the God was working through them, and I had nothing to say.  Suddenly I was filled with joy when I realized that I had prayed for every single person who was sharing specifically.  God is doing some amazing things, and I am just a small part of what he is doing.

Tomorrow is Monday and we have another tiring week ahead.  Pray for renewed energy and constant evangelism coming from our group in the next few days.  Thanks for all your support!

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