7/13/13 Update From Julia Bever

We walked a lot today. Our feet hurt.

But in all seriousness, we did walk a lot today. Since today is Saturday, we did not have to wake up early, and started touring the city in the late morning. We went to the covered market, walked down “Vatzi Street” (thats how its pronounced, probably not how its spelled), walked all the way up to the stop of saint Stevens cathedral, and the old part of Budapest right by the Palace. After that we had a delicious dinner at Nancsi Neni and headed back to the hotel to hang out.

It was really nice to have a day to relax and spend with the team. It is so much fun to connect with the campers, but it’s also great to spend time with our team, especially since we are such a large team. We are so large that it is impossible not to run into other people from our team. Today, I was walking down Vatzi with Christina and we decided to stop into a little coffee shop – which had really good coffee. But as we were sitting in the window looking out, noting the people walking by, we saw OC and Keith. Next thing we know, they’re walking towards the coffee shop and enter. It was nothing big, but its just fun to run into people you know when you least expect it, especially when it’s accompanied by good coffee.

God has been teaching me many things this week. What I shared for a morning devotional this week was that God has gone before us and has paved the way for us to make great spiritual progress here. We’ve already had two campers come to Christ and many fruitful conversations. I also shared that it often says do not fear or be dismayed. It is easy to let the devil get a foothold when fruitful conversations happen for others, and not for you. Yet God has warned us to not be dismayed. What I have realized since then is the power of prayer. We have had such fruitful conversations so early on, in comparison to last year, that it had to be the result of something. So all your prayers are making an impact, and I thank you all for your prayers! Please keep praying!

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