7/12/13 Update From Jessamy Slaughter

Today was the perfect end to our hectic first week of camp.  We had an American food dinner party with all of the students after camp today, which was a lot of fun!  At the end of camp, we had a meeting where we all shared stories about what had happened during the day. It was so encouraging to hear about all of the great gospel conversations people had.  During the meeting we prayed for all of the students who had questions about the gospel or had accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. It was so amazing to hear stories about students who didn’t seem to have any interest in God start to ask some really great questions or trust in Christ for the first time.

After Brad’s message today on faith in Jesus Christ, he invited the students to stay afterwards and talk with any of us. There was one girl that I have talked with a few times this past week. She came up to me afterwards and asked me what my story was, so I shared my testimony with her and answered a few questions about God that she had. She said she didn’t have a story yet but that she hoped she would soon.   There was another girl who I have talked with quite a bit who I was able to share my testimony and the gospel with. Today was her last day and she asked me to write her a note in her Bible cover because someone from last year wrote her a note in her Bible and she reads it almost everyday! It has been such a privilege to see how God has been working in the hearts of these students!

One thing God has been teaching me is that you don’t have to have the an amazing gospel conversation with someone to be useful to God. He uses us all in different ways, and as long as we are here and willing to be used by Him, He will use us as a vessel for Him and His great purpose. God has taught me so much just in this first week of camp and I can’t wait to see what He will teach me next!

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