7/11/13 Update from Megan Kleinschmidt

Szia everyone! Today was the fourth day of camp, and it was quite eventful. I have added seven Hungarian words to my vocabulary, found my favorite candy that is only found in Europe, and can now say a Hungarian tongue twister better than some of the Hungarians, themselves. I teach the advanced older kids, and today, we were having so much fun, that we didn’t even bother to go downstairs to get our snacks. Peter (one of my co-teachers) even brought the snacks to our classroom so that our class could continue spending time together. After enjoying Mark’s message about how Jesus saves and eating lunch, we spent the rest of the day having fun at a water park with the students. Our team then finished the day with a delicious dinner at an Italian restaurant. Many of us had Tiramisu for dessert, which I am convinced was sent from heaven.

God has been moving through the hearts of the students so fervently this week. Yesterday, I was talking with a girl after her small group, and she said that she was so moved that she almost started crying. She said that she was having some problems in her life and that the testimonies that were shared and the discussions in her small group were really touching. It is so cool to see how some of these students are just starting to realize how much God loves them.

I started to get a little discouraged yesterday because I sometimes feel like I am not doing enough for the advancement of the Gospel when I hear about other peoples’ conversations with the students. I haven’t had a life-changing or eye-opening talk with anybody yet, but God has been reminding me to not be discouraged if I don’t see spectacular things happening right away because of what I am doing. He has taught me to rejoice in the fact that He is moving whether it be a result of my words or not. It is not my words that bring people to Christ, anyway, for only God can soften hearts, and He is definitely doing that!

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