7/10/13 Update From Nathan Solak

The third day of camp was amazing!  We had so many gospel conversations with so many students.  It was so encouraging to see students starting to understand the gospel in such a short amount of time. Bobby and Maggie shared their testimonies. They did very well and afterwards, there were so many students that asked for my story and other team member’s stories. Three days in and God is moving, I cannot wait to see what God is going to do the rest of these two weeks.

God is so good and he is reminding me that every day.  Today was no exception.  Last night, a girl from camp had friended me on Facebook.  I had never met her and she didn’t know me, but she was looking through all the team’s friends.  Now, I don’t normally accept requests from people I don’t know, but this one I did.  Today I got into a gospel conversation with this same girl!  I didn’t realize it until about halfway through our conversation.  In fact, I realized it when we started talking about how God has a plan in absolutely everything.  Today was just an amazing day to be at camp because of all the deep conversations our team had.

The biggest thing that God is teaching me is that I need to be a little more energetic when sharing the gospel with people younger than me.  For those of you who know me, you know that I’m extremely animated when I talk.  I get so passionate about the gospel that sometimes I surprise myself.  But it’s a little harder to get that animated when there is a language barrier and an age difference.  But God is teaching me that I can get just as animated.  It is so cool to see how God has changed it in just a day.  God is good.

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