7/9/13 Update From Jen Nahza

Szia!(that’s Hello in Hungarian)

Today, we had our 2nd day of camp. It was AWESOME! It is so crazy to see how much God is improving different aspects of the camp everyday. We started off the day with breakfast, but for me, sleep is greater than eating in the morning. So the rest of the team had breakfast, and then we headed off to camp! When we got to the ministry center we had our team meeting and then got together with our teaching groups and discussed our lesson plans for the day. My group taught about family and friends and things you find around your house. It was great. I have the older kids of the beginner-level group. The campers went from not really liking to talk to talking non-stop. It was amazing. I can see God working in these kids already and it’s only the 2nd day! Not only is He improving the learning aspects of the camp, we also just learned that a kid in the neighborhood saw us playing outside and decided to ask his parents to enroll him in the camp. We’ve gained another possible follower of Christ!

I was talking to a boy in my class about the importance of going to church, being poured into, and not being separated from the Christian body. I told him that not only does Christ dwell in you, but the church is His body. The church is his bride, and it is incredibly important to be apart of the body. If you are separated from the body, soon you will not be able to function. I also told him I don’t know what I would do without my church family, or my Christian community. I don’t think he fully grasped this importance, but I am learning that it is not up to me.

One of the things I am learning is not to be discouraged if I don’t see results but instead just thank God for the chance to share what He is speaking to us. This is an amazing opportunity, and I am so blessed the Lord wanted me here on this trip because I am learning so much about him and my identity in Christ.

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