Protection and Perseverance – Nate in Greece

It was a challenging day for the whole team.  We had a lot of houses to give Bibles out to and many of us received resentment towards our actions. There were threats to call the police, Bibles thrown out, water bottles thrown, and lots of yelling. However, our team was not dismayed.  We all knew we were protected by God and nothing was going to stop us from handing out Bibles in the whole town. The resentment was not directed to me personally, but it was very encouraging to see the rest of my team members never letting up and wanting to pass out more Bibles.


Even during a rough day, we still had plenty of encouraging moments.  Some group members were delivering bibles down a street when they noticed a man on his stoop.  The group approached him and engaged in conversation speaking in Greek. When we speak Greek, we like to think our accent is pretty good, but in reality we know this is not true. The man asked if they spoke English because of their bad accents.  Then they were able to share about what we are doing here in Greece and told him about Hellenic Ministries as well.  While they were talking, two other ladies heard the conversation and came out of their houses to talk.  They wanted more Bibles and also wanted the contact information for the follow-up team that starts Bible studies!  What an amazing and awesome experience! Praise God for making that happen!

Toward the end of the day, as we were double-checking to make sure all our routes were covered, Krista and I noticed we had missed a little section.  As we were at the end, I noticed a man in his car getting ready to leave.  I was able to reach him just in time and it turned out he spoke English!  When we asked for his name, a big smile appeared on his face. “Theophilus,” he said. “It means a friend of God!” Krista and I were able to explain OJ and talk to him about his faith.  He was so excited that we were doing this for his town so he went and got us ice cream!  We asked if he was going to read his New Testament and he was said “Oh yeah, of course!”  We then prayed for him and prayed that he would be saved.

Please pray for the citizens of Greece who have received a Bible in the past three days.  Pray that they would be compelled to open their New Testaments and read them.  Pray especially for those we have mentioned in our blog posts.

We thank you for your continued support and prayers!


One response to “Protection and Perseverance – Nate in Greece

  1. Thank you for being such diligent and faithful sowers of God’s word. We’re praying for you and all the people who you will encounter.

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