Praying and Serving – Sandy in Greece

Every year, Operation Joshua welcomes believers from all over the world to hand out Bibles in the villages of Greece. There are several hundred people serving here this year, and today we finished day two of delivering Bibles. All groups combined traveled 7,312 km (4,543.466 miles) today and distributed 10,236 Bibles. Praise God! 

IMG_3517There are two pictures included in this post.  One is a picture of team members delivering a Bible directly to an elderly Greek woman.  The other is of team members praying with two women from one family.  They were very receptive to receiving the Bible and were excited to receive it.  They asked the team to pray for their health, which they did, along with the Lord to bless them.  The women were also given contact information for Hellenic Ministries that they can reach out to.

IMG_3521A team from Toronto, Canada is staying at our hotel and I met one of the women.  She came with her husband and 8 year old son.  It’s because of their son that they came.  She told me that he wants to be a missionary and he begged to come on this trip.  So, she told him that he would need to fill out his own application. When he came to the part that asked why he wanted to be part of the team he wrote, “Nothing and no one will stop me from going on this trip.”  She said to me, “How could we not bring him?!”  Wow – God has gotten hold of this young man’s heart at such a young age!

We’re all doing well other than a few minor injuries. Thank you so much for your prayers for our team!  The Lord is answering them! Keep them coming, we still have 4 more days of Bible delivery before we’re done!

God bless!


One response to “Praying and Serving – Sandy in Greece

  1. Sandy, that is so wonderful that some were excited to receive a Bible! “It’s a gift😊”
    It’s also a gift to be able to approach God‘s gracious throne. That’s an amazing way to open up someone, to offer to pray for them. Few reject the opportunity to be prayed for!
    I have a friend in Portugal who will be going to Moody Bible Institute. She’s been praying also for you all. I shared the story about the eager young man with Sara!
    Thank, Sandy!

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