Hungary Team Camp Day 4 and 5 – Aaron

Hello all! The past two days at camp have been quite action-packed. Thursday was the hottest day of the week, with the temperature being 93 degrees Fahrenheit midday, but we found many ways to cool off and have some safe fun with the campers.

Kamren gave me the opportunity to teach our intermediate class about the U.S. government. We compared U.S. and Hungarian political systems. The students were made their own governments, even electing their classmates for the position of president (something they got a bit too creative with.

All day, we carried fans from building to building, and we finished off our day with water games. Almost every camper was sent home drenched from head to toe, but it was definitely worth it.

After camp, we revisited Balaton, but this time, we had the pleasure of meeting some students from camp. We swam, played volleyball, ate some great food—the Langos was well worth the resulting heartburn—and simply enjoyed God’s creation while bonding with campers. At the end of the day, we returned to our home, exhausted but content with the many activities that filled our day.

Friday consisted of a class discussion on biomes and an intense round of Codenames (one of our team’s favorite games). The day was very special for campers and teachers alike, as we ended it with a talent show. Students showcased everything from musical talent to cultural dances, and simply put, it was a perfect moment.

Right as the kids were about to leave, we spent some time taking pictures and exchanging contact information with the students, especially connecting with those who would not be returning for the second week of camp to say our last goodbye of the year. This was an especially moving time for me, as I will be leaving Hungary on Monday for another mission trip with The Orchard to Greece.

After most of the students left, our Roma friends and a few other students stayed behind to dance and sing to their favorite music. Much to my surprise, they played many of my favorite Latin songs that are popular in the United States, and the Roma group treated me like one of their own as we bonded over our love for the same music.

I thank God for his gift of music, as it helped us overcome language barriers/cultural differences while providing for a priceless moment together. I have never met a people with such a propensity to rejoice, and the whole team has a fantastic relationship with the Roma group, the thought of which fills my heart with joy.

My one week in Hungary has been life-changing. Going into this week, I had so many little fears like, “Will I survive as a vegetarian?” and “What will I do if I sweat through all of my clothes?” As always, God provided, and we are all grateful for a relatively smooth first week. I initially wasn’t even sure I would be sad when it came time to say goodbye, but now all I want is more time here to teach the campers and discuss God’s Word with them.

I expected the students to be very shy and unwilling to socialize and participate in activities, but many of them befriended us within minutes and made us feel at home. They greatly impressed me with their efforts to respect their peers and teachers, and they stayed fairly focused in class. My expectations—from the food to the students’ behavior—were all surpassed. All in all, I am overjoyed to be a part of this operation in such a beautiful, culturally rich country, and I can see God working in many ways at English camp.

Thank you all for supporting our team so diligently. Please pray that the students would reach out to us, leading to Gospel conversations. It seems that many students are fond of following us on social media, so pray that we would use the gift of this technology to grow God’s kingdom. Also, please pray that the kids would continue to love each other, especially that the Roma kids would feel welcomed by all here at camp. Thank you once again, and God be with you!

One response to “Hungary Team Camp Day 4 and 5 – Aaron

  1. Hi Aaron.
    Fun report about your creativity in teaching about government and your team’s flexibility with the hard conditions.
    That settles it, I’m going to Hungary: “well worth the resulting heartburn.” 😂 I want some of that!
    This is a paradigm of Christian service:
    “… exhausted but content with the many activities that filled our day.” 😊
    It was a “perfect moment” when the Roman students included you in their circle! That’s a very good sign of God’s hand, brother. 😀
    Aaron, I will pray for your rollover to the Joshua mission trip with the Orchard team in Greece.

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