Albania Team Prepares for Camp – Anna

Durres, Albania – June 23 – Anna

IMG_6069After a long day of traveling, our team arrived safely in Durres, Albania last night. Our first meals together have been filled with lots of bonding, stories, games, and laughter. After breakfast this morning, we met together to prepare for the children’s camp. We had fun learning motions to and singing a song about the ten commandments (it is harder than you might think to count to ten on your fingers in time with fast music!) In the afternoon, we were able to walk around the city and hiked up to an outlook with a beautiful view (side note: we even saw adorable goats on the side of the road!)

IMG_2603Later in the evening, we met with the two women in charge of the children’s ministry, and then attended one of the regular Sunday night services at the church. For those of us who have been here before, it was really good to reconnect with old friends and introduce them to new team members. Overall, it was a very encouraging time for us, as we spent a lot of time preparing to host campers tomorrow morning, praying, being prayed over, and hearing God’s word.

Like I mentioned before, we are starting our children’s camp tomorrow! Please pray

  • that we can quickly establish relationships with the kids
  • that we would be lights to the kids, and that God would use us to show them His love
  • that the kids would receive the gospel with open ears, continue to come to the church, and eventually come to know Christ

Thank you for praying!


One response to “Albania Team Prepares for Camp – Anna

  1. Thanks for this cute report, Anna.
    It sounds like you all got a real lesson in manual dexterity, ha ha.
    We are grateful for the specific points to cover in prayer.
    And we really appreciate the sacrifice you have all made to go help our people in Durres to reach young people in Durres✝️❤️

    Rev. Mike Dixon
    “I Now Pronounce You” Weddings
    Call or text 708-602-2864

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