Two Teams to the Balkans on 6/21

Hungary Team Pic 011219A team of twelve students and adults will travel this Friday to Tapolca, Hungary to conduct a two-week English language camp for Hungarian teenagers. Their desire is to bring students to faith in Christ. Since there is no gospel-proclaiming church in that area, they will encourage those who are newer to faith. Please pray:

  • For God to soften hearts of teen campers to hear the truth of the Gospel and respond in faith and repentance.
  • For good relationships with campers and boldness to cross cultural and language barriers for Christ.
  • For God to work in the hearts of team members through his Word so they live out his truth and grace.
  • For smooth logistics of travel and camp days filled with English lessons, activities, meals, chapel messages, and discussion groups.

Team Pic May 2019

Also on Friday, a team of fifteen will leave for Durres, Albania to conduct a two-week children’s Bible camp. They will partner with the Durres Evangelical Church and Kujtim Rushiti in this outreach to the community to proclaim the Gospel and build up the church. Please pray:

  • For gospel clarity with VBS day campers and parents across language and cultural barriers.
  • For love and joy for the children to be energized daily by God’s Word.
  • For unity of the Spirit as the team serves with grace, gentleness, and understanding over long hours and busy days.
  • To honor, encourage, and bless the believers in Durres.
  • For safety and good health while traveling.

Partner with these teams financially by giving online at The Orchard. Thank you!

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