One Global Family – Katy

It is a joy to share how we have already been seeing God move in Greece.

We arrived without any delays, thank you Lord.

We had a full day at the Anastasi conference, connecting with many missionary partners of The Orchard as well as meeting many new friends.

This morning we heard testimonies of missionaries in Thessaloniki and Central Asia. This conference has a focus of being intentional in relationships with one another so we have had many breaks and meals to do that.

Many of us from our team took the opportunity during a break to travel into the town center and walk around to see the city. We took some time to pray together for the people of Thessaloniki as well as the gospel workers here. It has been quite emotional to be where Paul preached to the Thessalonians with such encouragement and currently it is a city where the majority of people live in such darkness.

Tonight we celebrated Good Friday with a very special and moving service, remembering the price that Christ paid for us.

I want to share one of the many ways that we have seen God today.  It was a moment this morning where I was overwhelmed to tears, but it was something we experienced throughout the entire day. It first struck me as the worship team led us this morning. The team consisted of men and women of five different languages. As the worship continued, I was overwhelmed by the Spirit’s presence and power through what I heard and what I saw. Here we were praising God in singing in numerous different languages. It was the most beautiful picture I have ever experienced. Our connection with one another is because of one person, Jesus Christ. As we closed the Good Friday service and lit candles together as one global family, we remember the suffering of Christ and the sacrifice He made for us. Today I experienced the closest picture I may ever, of what we will share in paradise as we are all together, all colors, all languages, all people who believe in Christ, worshiping Him.

Thank you for your prayers. Tomorrow we will be walking through the neighborhoods handing out Bibles.

  • Please pray that that team would get a good rest tonight in preparation for tomorrow.
  • Please pray for us to be bold in communicating the gospel.
  • Please also pray for the people who will be receiving the Bible, that the Lord would open their minds and hearts as they receive God’s Word.

Thank you again for your prayers and support.

Katy Domsten

4 responses to “One Global Family – Katy

  1. Love all of this – and praying non-stop for you all!!! I’m so thankful that you are seeing the Lord’s presence and power – and I pray that continues. Faith Not Fear, especially tomorrow – praying that these moments of sensing His presence is what gives you confidence to speak to those you come in contact with. Love to you!!!!!

  2. What a blessing, to be there during Anāstasi! God is already at work in Greece…Amen! Thank you for being God’s servants! Can’t wait to hear more about your time there! All the glory to JESUS!!!

  3. Katy, thank you for your work on this clear and helpful post.
    Have you met the Bakalli family? She messaged me this morning about they 5 going out today. Part of two different teams. May the Lord increase that “household of faith” kind of movement among us Orchard members.
    She also shared with us about the wonderful worship. Foretaste of heaven!
    Please greet Greg and the others.

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