Meeting Students – Stacy

Oreo gameMonday and Tuesday were busy days preparing for our American Culture Events. We spent time at two universities and two high schools in Durrës and Sukth, handing out invitations to students. Monday night was the first of three events. We played games with the students like Minute to Win It, with the Oreo game being the favorite. Have you ever tried rolling an Oreo from your forehead to your mouth without dropping it?

We also had time to share what we liked about our American culture as well as the Gospel from the Lord, Sin, Savior, Faith perspective. For some students, this may have been their first knowledge of the Lord.

WPlaying gamese remain prayerful that our interactions with these students lead to a greater desire to know and understand God. We ask for prayer that the next two events are well attended and successful. In addition, that we can remain healthy and safe. Thank you.


One response to “Meeting Students – Stacy

  1. It is enjoyable to my heart to hear about these events with the students. They will also be able to get a taste of what it’s like in another land, America.
    And your joy, both in life and in the gospel will show them that there is also another time and place to which they may go by faith in Him.

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