Serving and Discerning in the Balkans

Pray for a leadership development team that will travel to Albania to meet with, coach and encourage pastors and church planters: Dave and Dorothy, Jared (Oct. 3-12), and Matt (Oct. 12-18).

Here are a few items to pray for this group:

2018 Balkan Autumn Ldrship Dev Team– Humble, kind hearts in preparing and presenting materials that serve and teach local church planters and ministry leaders.

– Fellowship and encouragement with church planters that would strengthen and build up His church in the Balkans.

– Wives of church planters would be uniquely encouraged by Dorothy’s caring and prayerful presence.

– Good health and strength for serving to His glory.

Doug Kristie AndreDoug and Kristie, who attend the Barrington Campus, have been seeking the Lord’s direction for several years. Participants on several short term mission teams (SE Asia and the Balkans), graduates of Leverage (The Orchard Network’s Lay Leader Training) and the Perspectives Course, they are currently part of Momentum (training for Vocational Ministry Leaders.) Doug and Kristie are gifted and called to follow the Lord into full time ministry one day.

In prayerfully discerning the Lord’s direction, Doug and Kristie will spend time in both Budapest and Belgrade (Oct. 6-19). Please pray for productive and insightful interactions with local missionaries, significant times of prayer, and clear discerning of the Lord’s direction.

Your participation through prayer and finances with these teams is essential and a great encouragement! Thank you! Give online to the Balkan Autumn Team Fund.

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