Our Gifts for God’s Glory – Tim

Our final two days of distributing Bibles consisted of crazy driving up steep roads on the green mountains of Northern Greece in order to reach small villages with the Word of God. We were able to share short conversations with villagers, who for the most part were receptive to the gifts given. We ended the days of ministry and evangelism with worship and a message in the tent where we gathered to be refreshed in communion with the other teams and our Lord.

Music is a bridge to the human soul. It has the capacity to bypass gated minds and penetrate tender hearts, creating trust between people of different cultures, age, and language. It was the day before we left for Greece that I received an email from Kyle, one of the worship leaders for Operation Joshua, requesting that I bring my violin to help out on the worship team. Before the email, I was hesitant so thankfully the email confirmed I bring it along. Now, as we near the end of our trip, I cannot imagine this past week without it. God uses our gifts when we offer them in faith; he truly works all things for our good and his glory.

worship teamThe power of the Holy Spirit through music has become more alive here in Greece than ever before. From the initial connection with Pavlos, our hotel owner, with whom my violin became a source of great bonding after difficulty engaging with him due to language, to worshipping with Greek musicians on the worship team most nights of the conference, to the night that Eleni, Pavlo’s daughter, came to the service and heard the gospel-centered worship, God has shown me his grace in giving me my gift and his providence in bringing the violin along.

Team and localsPray that the seeds planted would grow to fruition in each home with a Bible and that Bible studies might happen. God is present in song. Singing songs, as John Piper says, is not merely a nice emotional trip to spice up a worship service but an attack on sin and Satan. Pray that the Spirit would draw people to Christ through song in Greek and English, and that worship music would  become more available for all people in Greece, especially youth. Music is a glimpse of heaven as believers from all over the world are joining in praise.

We are on our way home and fly back tomorrow! Thank you for praying!


One response to “Our Gifts for God’s Glory – Tim

  1. Timotheus, grace and peace! Thank you for sharing that great insight from John Piper about worship as warfare. In second Chronicles chapter 20 they put the musicians out in front of the army! (V. 20) Yes, music is so strategic in defeating the evil one. Thank you for your music gift and for touching the lives both of Pavlos‘s family as well as the others. We will be praying for Eleni and those others you have touched.
    Be safe!

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