Ioannina Receives Bibles – Dave and Gina

Greetings from Greece!

We have witnessed examples of God’s glory over the past few days! The blessings have been many: fellowship with Christians from all around the world, sermons about saving grace in Jesus, worship with talented Christian musicians, safety while traveling to distant villages, joy-filled work (bible distribution) with Christian brothers and sisters, conversations about Jesus with villagers, and hearts softened after hearing the gospel. Amen!

On Saturday, we “blitzed” the city of Ioannina, Greece with over 30,000 bibles. More than 300 OJ participants came together to spread God’s word through the city. The Orchard crew was given the responsibility of “zone leader” for this operation. We supervised three other vehicles in the densely populated zone 12 of Ioannina. After completion of our task, we ate lunch together in a park within the city. A car in zone 12 was invited in a home to share the Gospel over a homemade lunch. We also met a gas station owner named John who was receptive to our mission and encouraged our team. He asked for more bibles in hopes to give them to village friends and family.

Through this experience God has taught us that brothers and sisters in Christ can bring glory to Him through common fellowship with the people of  Greece.

Please pray for renewed strength and rest, as we approach the second half of Operation Joshua. Also, pray for the villages and cities that we have already visited.

God is great!

Dave and Gina

2 responses to “Ioannina Receives Bibles – Dave and Gina

  1. Zone leader, how very excellent!
    I heard from our visiting worship leader, Clayton, via text from Griffin, that he had been able to lead a worship time with people from many different nations. That is awesome!
    So thrilling about the gas station owner (John) requesting extra Bibles. This is the kind of thing I’ve been asking God to do. Getting reports from Hungary reminded me of how important a personal relationship is in improving our reception of the gospel.
    We will continue to lift up your need of “power through him who dwells in you.” (Philippians 4:13)

  2. How encouraging to get the positive responses! God has his own in Greece too, and will be faithful to use you and call them!

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