Hungary Apex Team: Orientation to Hungary

Hello everyone!!

Yesterday (Sunday) morning we attended Agora Gellért church and participated together in worship, prayer, hearing the Word preached, and small groups discussing Romans 15, and the hope we cling to day by day.  This is a church plant that Mark and Jodi Revell, as well as Cassidy Baker attend.

Today was the first full day of activities as a team. We had orientation where we discussed Hungarian culture, the purpose God has for advancing His kingdom through His people who have various designs and gifts, and some logistical information for us going forward. Afterwards we went to the 12th district (pictured below) and did a prayer walk in the area.


The 12th district of Budapest is a region of 58,000 people and only has 3 Protestant churches. It’s geography and atmosphere also very different than other districts. We prayed individually and collectively for this place, praying for God to be present and do amazing things that we could never imagine. Pray with us for God’s kingdom to advance in this district of Budapest!

The rest of this week will be more days of orientation, language learning, getting adjusted, and various activities in the city. When long term missionaries go into the field, they usually have 6 months to 2 years of strict language learning before their ministry involvement. We are experiencing just a taste of that while we are here. Every day we are learning more and more Hungarian and are given many opportunities to practice what we know.

You can be praying for us this week in these ways:

– That we would comprehend and gain valuable information during our orientation week that will affect our 6 weeks here and beyond.

– That Kamren and I will recover quickly from our colds so that we would be rested and ready for ministry in Tapolca next week.

– That God would use these logistical days to work in our hearts and prepare us for the ministry work He has for us ahead, and that we would take advantage of every opportunity to grow.

– That this week would be a time for spiritual filling for us together. Pray that God satisfies us and restores us spiritually as we spend time in God’s word and prayer for what comes next.


Thank you!


– Krista Anderson

One response to “Hungary Apex Team: Orientation to Hungary

  1. Dillon, Mark R. recently asked me to pray about a new church in that 12th district. I really appreciate both the description of the area and also the encouraging word that prayers are asending on behalf of the people in that area who need to gospel.
    God bless you guys, and give you health and strength!
    “Haven’t I commanded you: be strong and courageous? Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”
    Joshua 1:9

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