Hungary Apex Team – We Made It!

Hey Friends!

Just wanted to give you all a short update that we (Kamren, Krista and I) have made it safely to Hungary at around 9:30 am local time.  After much travel, little sleep, and some exertion of willpower, we are staying up for a few more hours to try to keep away the jet lag.


Our post today won’t be very long, but I just wanted to say a few word about what Apex is, and how it’s different from the other teams The Orchard is sending out this summer.  Apex is a missions experience for young adults facilitated by ReachGlobal (the missions wing of the EFCA).  This program is designed to give a more immersive missions experience.

There are teams of students from around the country that have been sent off to places around the world in order to partner with ReachGlobal missionaries to see sustained, gospel and church centered ministry around the globe.  We will have a better chance to observe and live the life of the average ReachGlobal missionary.

For those who have been following the ministry happening in Hungary, we will be partner especially closely this summer with Orchard-supported missionaries Mark Revell, Betsy Melchers, and Cassidy Baker as we help (primarily) with student outreach and discipleship.  We will also have the opportunity to do more focused language and cultural learning than your average short term team.

Thank you all for lifting us up in prayer so that we would have safe and smooth travels.  Pray that our bodies would adjust quickly to the time change here and that we would be kept free from sickness!  We will have some more information tomorrow about how you can be praying for our first week here!

2 responses to “Hungary Apex Team – We Made It!

  1. I am so glad you arrived safely! My wife and I spent two weeks in the virgin islands with our daughter’s family and we arrived night before last at 2 AM. And I thought that was tough!
    Rest in the Lord. Learn from him!
    I will certainly pray for you all daily.

  2. Grateful for answered prayer for your safe arrival and for the opportunity to have this more immersive experience through ReachGlobal. Trusting God will use this time and all of you mightily to build His church in Hungary!

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