Tapolca Team – Day 4 – András Gábor Kis

(Guest post from one of our translators and edited by Dillon Mack)

I have been grateful for the opportunity to return to Tapolca to serve Christ again. It feels like we are just continuing from where we left last year. Even a bit like we never left.

The start of the day was smooth, although at the first English class one of the students in the beginner group (Tamara, Tami) started to feel sick, along with other students who had head aches and stomach aches. Please carry all the students and leaders in your prayers so we stay healthy.

For the children English class was a little strange at the beginning, since it goes differently from how it goes in their schools. In Hungarian schools, we are usually being talked at and made to do exercises on paper, or sometimes answer set questions in oral exercises.  It can give a solid foundation for grammar, but without speech it’s not nearly enough. So not the way you used to do it, even though it’s a bit more efficient.

Even though they are only beginners, they speak surprisingly well. They can form sentences, but some of them are a bit shy about it. We definitely have to make them say what they can, even if its wrong. I find it interesting that some of them are already picking up the accent.

At chapel time, Dillon preached from Luke 18:9-14. He retold the story in the kids’ context, using the example of a good kid and a bully and asking the question which one was accepted by God. I handed over my bible to some teens and they did not gave it back to me until Dillon was done preaching. In the end Dillon led a prayer to believe the message of the Gospel and I heard a lot of amens. Pray that they were real, and not just brought out by the situation. The ground here in Hungary is very hard.

The next thing for us was the swimming pool in Ajka. We hoped that the kids would cool off and get a chance to see Jesus in us. Not only our campers, but everyone at the pool! The teens enjoyed it very much, especially since we had a warm day with a bit of wind.

Hoping to see Christ’s work done,



3 responses to “Tapolca Team – Day 4 – András Gábor Kis

  1. Andras –

    Thank you for the update. Praise God that the church body of The Orchard can vicariously be involved in the ministry of the Tapolca team. My prayers for the Holy Spirit to soften the hard ground in Hungary.


  2. Hi Andras.
    Thank you for sharing about the difference between the local schools and the approach that you all use!
    I will carry all the students and leaders in my heart and prayers so we stay healthy. Satan uses such events as distractions.
    “Be strong in the Lord’s might “

  3. Bless you Andras! Enjoyed your update and have been praying for the week of ministry in Tapolca!

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