Tapolca Team – Day 3 – Dillon Mack

It has been a joy to be back in Tapolca and working with students.  We have had a wonderful first three days of camp.  As usual, the day today started off in our English classes.  It’s been awesome to see the campers begin to get more comfortable in their classes.  As I walked around the different classes, it was clear that the students were engaged and having fun as they used their English in their classes.

During our chapel session, I had the opportunity of opening up God’s Word to tell the students the Parable of the Rich Fool.  This allowed us to talk deeply with the students about where we find our purpose in life.  I had an especially great time in our small group.  Both Ethan and Peter (one of our Hungarian translators who came to faith last year), shared how they found the things of this world could not bring us ultimate fulfillment in life, and how they found ultimate fulfillment in Christ.

This sparked some amazing conversations about the Christian life, and how we find true meaning and life in our relationship with Jesus.  Josh also had some great conversations in his small group and was able to talk at length with a young lady named Kata as she asked some great questions about the message of the Gospel.  She was also very excited to begin to read the Bible for herself.

In the afternoon, we had another opportunity to speak about the topics of marriage and sex with the students.  We shared about God’s ultimate design for sex and relationships.  I talked to the older students while Josh spoke to the younger students.  We were able to share that the meaning of love and intimacy isn’t found in any human relationship, but rather in Christ and his church.  Even though it was a message that goes against the culture, it was cool to see that the students were at least attentive during my talk.  After that, we cooled off with some water games in the park–which turned into an all-out water war.

Continue to pray for the students as we present the Gospel to them through Jesus’ parables.  Pray that God would keep us safe as we travel to a local water park tomorrow, and that God would use the time we have there for meaningful conversations with students.  Thanks so much for all your support and prayer!

Dillon Mack

2 responses to “Tapolca Team – Day 3 – Dillon Mack

  1. Exciting Report! We pray that the seeds you plant will bear witness to the power of the Gospel !

  2. Dillon, you are God’s man for the hour in Hungary. The church is gaining fresh momentum, and you are playing a big role in reaching new laborers for the harvest field! Keep laying your life down and God will keep lifting you up.

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