God is On The Move in Tapolca – Steve and Denise

First, we want to give thanks to the Lord for all he is doing here. We are getting to know new people and growing personal friendships with them. This has led to times of sharing the Gospel and lots of fun activities.

Second, we want to thank all of you who are partnering with us! Thank you for your prayers and financial support!  Our sharing the Gospel here in Tapolca would not be possible without you. We have listed some specific prayer requests below.

We are also very thankful for Shaun’s leadership. He and Söndi are truly examples of faithfulness and perseverance as they seize every opportunity to show God’s love to the people here.

We are also encouraged by two young women from Canada who are here helping with various ministry activities. Lydia and Daniella will be leading a youth event in a few weeks with a hike and campfire activity, and would appreciate your prayers.

Yesterday during our English class meeting time, we had a change in the standard order of things. Shaun teaches the beginners in our upstairs apartment, Steve teaches intermediates in the downstairs kitchen, and Denise leads the conversational class in the downstairs living room.  Typically, we have one hour of lessons, then take a 25 minute break for supper, then we resume lessons for another 35 minutes. Afterwards, we offer a devotional time for those who are interested in staying longer.

This time, the devotion was going to be Steve’s testimony. Shaun decided to have Steve give his testimony to all three classes during the break time instead, so all would have a chance to hear it.  Afterwards, Shaun said many of the students commented on how wonderful it was to hear the story, and said they would like to hear more stories from him.

Things to pray for:

  • Please pray that the Holy Spirit would give the English Club students faith to believe the Gospel.
  • Pray for Vivien as she has an important exam on Saturday. Pray she can have peace and will do her best. She is a young woman we are currently helping to learn English, and we have shared the Gospel with her.
  • Pray that many teens will come to the April 22nd youth event and be open to the message. Pray for good weather too!
  • Pray that God will send more workers to the harvest field in Tapolca!

Your partners in the Gospel,

Steve and Denise

2 responses to “God is On The Move in Tapolca – Steve and Denise

  1. Steve, thanks for this refreshing new insight into the spread of the gospel in Topolca! I pray that you ALL would experience the power of his resurrection,

  2. Mike, thanks for your prayers! We also want to thank you for your encouraging words and your faithfullness in always replying to each and every blog post! I look forward to meeting you in person when I get back.

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