God is at Work! – Steve

This past Sunday, Denise and I traveled up to Budapest with the Fall Camp Team.  We had made arrangements to visit with Tibor and Marta Milkloś  in Törökbálint for a few days.  Many people from The Orchard may be familiar with Tibi and his wife Marta, who are both blind.  Tibi, among many other things, ministers to disabled people through the Bartimeus Foundation.  One of the highlights of our visit was on Tuesday, when Tibi and I went to a pastors conference in Balatonszemes.

Tibi was invited to address 120 Hungarian pastors to tell them about his ministry. We took a taxi to get there, and I had a chance to share my testimony and the Gospel with the taxi driver, who fortunately spoke and understood English!  He kept thanking me for sharing that with him.  We brought audio Bibles with us to show the pastors how they can use them to get the Word of God to blind and illiterate people.  The audio bible is a small handhelded device that is programmed to speak the Bible in English and Hungarian.

All the pastors in attendance were excited and signed up to receive one of the devices.  We met with the lead pastor who is in charge of missions, and the President of the Baptist Union.  They thanked me for coming to Hungary to share the Gospel with their people.  Tibi and I were invited to have lunch with them as well.  Many of the pastors came to speak to us and thanked us for being there.  It was very encouraging to meet with so many Christian brothers all in one place!

We heard from the older pastors, as well as the young.  One pastor who is 92 years old, shared how he and his son, who is also a pastor, suffered much under communism.  A young pastor told us he recently planted a new church in Budapest.  Another pastor shared how he had given an audio Bible to a blind woman in his church.  The woman was hospitiaized sometime later and would listen to the Bible in the hospital ward.  One day she thought she may be bothering the other women in the ward, so she did not turn on the device.  The other women asked her if she would please turn it on so they could listen to the Bible!  It was a very encouraging testimony.

Please keep praying for Hungary!!!  God is at work!!!

4 responses to “God is at Work! – Steve

  1. Steve, so you got to see Tibby! He was at the Barrington Orchard for Pray First one night when he was visiting the Bartimeus foundation! He’s quite a soul winner.
    It sounds like the people over there in Hungary are hungry for Christ. That wording works!
    So exciting that God is at work in Hungary!

  2. Great report..I’m so excited for you and the others on the team these months of how God is working through each of you. Prayer continue from Sarasota!

  3. Thanks Steve for the wonderful update and for sharing the Gospel and your testimony with the taxi driver! The returning team shared more stories of God’ working and we prayed for Hungary during MOMENTUM this morning. Expect God to move!

  4. It is such a blessing to hear that our prayers are being answered over there. Praise God for His faithfulness!

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