Tapolca – Day 9 – Darien H.

Hello everyone! Today was another very successful day of English camp. The weather today was absolutely gorgeous, staying in the upper 70s and sunny for all of camp. We started off the morning with a devotion and then played an icebreaker game with the students. The English classes went well, as usual. My group (the elementary level group) is well on their way to memorizing Psalm 23 in English and Roxanne, Maggie, and I in Hungarian. (Though we could probably use some prayers that we get it down before parent night on Thursday night!)

Today Dillon preached on Romans 6:1-4 and it led to many good conversations during small groups. After lunch there were games at the park, card games, and crafts for the campers. The games and activities give us a good opportunity to have fun with the teens, but also have meaningful conversations about God’s word.

For example, today a student taught me how to play a traditional Hungarian card game with her own cards from home and then we made friendship bracelets for each other. We did this all while having deep conversations, primarily about her experiences being the only Christian she knows at her school and how she has had to stand firm in her faith. It was super encouraging to me to hear this twelve-year-old girl talk about her love for Jesus. Roxanne, Maggie, and I have been leading crafts all week and my favorite part of that has been talking to the campers as they color illustrations with bible verses on them and having them explain to me what they think it means.Soccer Pic.jpg

After camp today, we had the opportunity to go on home visits. Campers were able to invite up to three leaders to their home for dinner. This allowed us to experience more of what their life is really like here in Hungary and connect better with them. People on our team got to go to lots of fun places such as vineyards, hiking up hills, and just hanging out in students’ homes. Roxanne, Holly, some of our translators and I went to Shaun and Sondi’s home for a delicious homemade meal of paprika chicken, dumplings, stuffed peppers, bread, chocolate cake, and fruit. We had a great time hearing and sharing lots of crazy ministry and traveling stories and getting to relax and have fun with Shaun and Sondi in a non-camp setting.

The Lord has certainly been at work during camp. We were excited to hear one student tell us that he had accept Jesus Christ free gift of grace during last week of camp!  It just goes to show us that God is doing things in the student’s lives that we may not even know is going on!  We have also had many others are seriously pondering the message of the gospel. Please pray that the Lord continues to work in the campers’ hearts. You can also be praying for the team’s health and energy since as the trip goes on we are all getting very exhausted. I don’t even know how many pots of coffee we go through a day; it’s a lot though. Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog.

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  1. Thanks for the update. I hadn’t thought of prayers for energy but it sounds like you are all very busy. God bless you

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