Day 9 – Budapest – John & Alyssa L.

After a weekend full of sightseeing and rest, we entered Monday ready to kick-off another great week. Our devotional came from Romans 12:9-11 (Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good. Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor. Do not be slothful in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord.) and really encompassed how we wanted to live out this week. We started the morning with the pull-up game (a fan favorite). It’s awesome to see everyone have so much energy and give 100% so early in the morning. The first English class followed the fast-pace game. I (Alyssa) sat in on John’s class which included Maggie & Jayde as co-teachers. They covered music, making sure to play musical chairs and dissect the song Cornerstone. I’ve been able to sit in on a couple of advanced classes and am very impressed with how each teacher uses their gifts to function as one unit. Snack time consisted of another fan favorite: Balaton chocolate bars. Chapel was led by Brad and he covered Philippians 3:1-11. It’s really encouraging to see the Lord work through his and our other speakers’ teachings. 13843670_10206804822295875_762249844_oThe Hungarian students then separated into their small groups while our team set up for lunch and had some prayer time. We had pizza for lunch and enjoyed the time together. The second English class filled the first hour of our afternoon. We were quickly outside for the rest of camp time running around playing steal the bacon, ultimate frisbee and dodge ball. After our debrief, we changed at the hotel and went out for dinner. We had dinner at Városliget and devoured delicious goulash. The rest of our evening was spent at Hero’s Square taking in the history of Hungary. Each day is filled to the brim and by the grace of God, we have the energy to finish strong & make the most of our time here.

Being the second week at camp, I can already feel the closeness between the Americans and Hungarians. God has really allowed us to have connections and conversations on a deeper level. We’ve had a ton of fun together too. Most of the goofiness occurs during game time but today it happened during lunch as well. In the midst of eating our pizza, we began chanting different people’s names in hopes of them “doing something cool”. Accompanying our chants was the rhythmic pounding of the tables together in unison. From the Phelps’ brothers doing gymnastics stunts to the Bálints simply bowing, our cheers were always at full blast. One can tell how God’s hands are at work by just looking at the enjoyment of everyone at the camp. Hopefully our bonds will grow stronger in these next four days at camp.

How is God working through you?
Alyssa: This trip has been a huge blessing. I went on this trip three years ago as a student and am so thankful to be given the opportunity to return as a leader. Since returning, I’ve gotten to reconnect with Hungarians I had as campers and revisit beautiful sights. This is my first big leadership role and it has stretched me. Because I’ve been away at Indiana Wesleyan University, I had only been to one of the meetings and left for the trip only knowing the leaders & my brother. God has provided in a huge way and given me great relationships already with the team. He has taught me how to be selfless, encourage others when I feel empty and serve in a way that shows His love. I am still learning and growing as a leader everyday and I’m very thankful for this opportunity to do so.

John: I am the opposite of a type A personality. I am more comfortable being a follower than a leader. Being a returner, God has opened doors for me to step out of my comfort zone and lead. Whether it’s taking charge in our English class, leading an outdoor game or just by example, God has equipped me with the right tools to fulfill this role. It has been a great experience being back in Hungary. It’s been such a privilege to serve the Lord and I’m excited to continue to do so.

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