We made it to Tapolca!

From Holly, Krista and Kamren:

The Lord has been awesome to us throughout our journey so far! He has blessed us with minimum troubles and a smooth transition into our apartment here in Tapolca. Last week we had a wonderful experience spending time with Betsy in Budapest. It was such a blessing to get to know Betsy better, hear about her ministry, visit the Montazs Cafe, and see how the Lord has been using her and her teammates to do spread His love in the city. Betsy also used her impressive knowledge of Budapest to  be our own personal tour guide while we were there. Then on Saturday, we successfully moved into the Tapolca Ministry Center after Shaun collected us from the Budapest Ministry Center. We have now settled into the upstairs apartment which, thanks to the Himpelmanns, is in very good shape! Tonight Niki will join us to complete our team and rescue us from the struggles of attempting to communicate in Hungarian.

Tapolca dinner (Blog 1)

We have greatly enjoyed reconnecting with the missionaries living here in Tapolca. It has been wonderful talking to Shaun and Sondi and learning about all they have done this past year along with everything they are planning for this summer. Their strong faith in the Lord’s ultimate control and perfect plan is allowing them to keep pushing through the busyness and stress of all the summer camps coming up.  We are excited to help them in anyway we can (so far this includes caring for their three boys and helping make lots of jam) and see how God uses their service to do his will. We have also recently met Roli, a member of Campus Crusade, who is living in the apartment below us. He has been here since February and has been working hard to share the gospel with the students. Roli has become a great friend, translator, and guide to us.

In addition to helping Shaun and Sondi, we have also done a lot of walking around the town, exploring the shops, and getting to know the area. We met the Canadian team that is staying in Hegyesd and will be seeing them around as they work the adult english camp this week. In the weeks to come, we are planning on having a weekly bible study. So far we have invited as many students as we know, and we are praying that many of them will attend the first meeting this Thursday and will continue to come back in the weeks to come. We are also planning on spending one-on-one time (or in our case, one-on-four) with a few of the students who we especially connected with and want to develop a deeper relationship with.

We have been praying a lot for the kids living here. We pray that the Lord softens their hearts and opens their minds to what we have to say. We are also praying that the students attend our Bible study and are interested in spending time with us throughout the next few weeks. The Lord is doing many amazing things in Tapolca and we are excited to continue the job that has been started by those before us and be lights for Christ.


2 responses to “We made it to Tapolca!

  1. Yeah! You made it! Thanks for the pic – I love what you’ve done to the place 🙂 Never forget that we are praying with you!!

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