We PRAY for those we leave behind – Carla

We have been saying goodbye to the friends and acquaintances we have made while going about our daily routines in Tapolca. The young lady at the butcher shop, the hairdresser/barber, the massage therapist, and various shop keepers all received a small gift and a warm thank you from us. Over the past few months seeds were sown in each of these lives as God appointed the times and places of our meeting.

Kristine Flower shop 2As of this writing we still had a goodbye and flower delivery to make to our friend Andi. So we made our third trip of the day to the same flower shop.  On the first visit to this shop we had introduced ourselves and let the shopkeeper, Kristine (photo), know we were saying many goodbyes today and that we would be back a few more times. Pete joked with her and we had some fun conversation before leaving. By the time we returned for the third purchase she had a gift ready for us with a nice note written on it–in English! So, even in our final days God is leading us to individuals who need to hear His gospel message. We are really grateful for our brothers and sisters who, though very few in number, continue to minister here. Our young Hungarian friend, Andras, was with us for these two connections and will try to pick up where we left off and maintain the relationship.

It is amazing how bright the light of God’s love shines through us even if we are unaware. Telling others that we are Christians and we are here to support the effort to build a church doesn’t usually get an enthusiastic response. However, being friendly, offering hospitality and small gestures of kindness go much farther and have often created an openness for us to talk about Jesus Christ.

Now, we pray for others to continue this work by sowing more seeds and for God’s hand to bring a response of the heart! So as we leave Tapolca we do the greatest thing that any of us can do. We PRAY for those we leave behind.

Pete and Carla

One response to “We PRAY for those we leave behind – Carla

  1. Praise God, Carla and Pete, for His work there! I’ve so enjoyed reading your reports. Thank you for faithfully ministering the Gospel there.

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