Saying Goodbye – Pete

Pete and Carla are finishing their time in Tapolca, returning home this Saturday. Praise God for the friends they’ve made who have heard the gospel message during the past 3 months. Pray their goodbyes have the sweet fragrance of Christ. Pete shares about a joyous day today:

What an absolutely fantastic day we had today as we shopped for and delivered farewell gifts to several people we have gotten to know in Tapolca! We went to a local flower shop three different times today to buy flowers that we then delivered them. 

First to Annicu at the health store; we walked in with me singing, “Anni, Annicu, we came to say goodbye to you!” She laughed, we all laughed, and did the double cheek air kiss thing. It was great! Nobody could stop smiling! I also used this opportunity to share the Gospel with her, in case I were to never see her again.

Second stop, Kati, our massage lady. She was really touched by our thoughtfulness. We both had massages scheduled, and again, double cheek kissed and said goodbye.

The third floral delivery was to Andi who works the deli counter at Papai Hus. A very kind and friendly young lady who has waited on us many times. We gave her flowers and a card Carla had written, gave her Carla’s Facebook info, and double cheek kissed. With a tear in her eye, she said she was sad we were leaving and wished more people were like us.

We also stopped by to give ribbon wrapped chocolates to our barber, an English speaking young man named David. We both had our hair cut by him last year. He remembered us, and would you believe, the one time he cut my hair this year, he didn’t even charge me? He said it was his gift to me.

So, on my second visit, I told the flower shop keeper I would be back one more time. When I returned, she had hand painted a scene of a bridge at the Mill Pond on a little wall hanging placard. This was a gift for us and she wrote a message for us on the back.

Thanks for your prayers! See you soon.


Tapolca Apt bldg


One response to “Saying Goodbye – Pete

  1. Looking forward to your return but so grateful for the time you spent there! We are praying for all those planted seeds to take deep root and for God’s Spirit to give growth in your friends’ hearts!

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