“Jesus is our only hope.” – Pete

On Sunday, April 10, 2016, the angels in heaven were rejoicing as another soul was born into eternity. It was on that day that Tibor Miklos (Tibby), an elder with the KEGY church in Budapest, delivered a stirring sermon at the Hegyesd hall (near Tapolca) wherein he spoke about fear that grips many of us and how all our fears are overcome by the hope we have in Christ as our Savior, and how we all carry one another’s burdens.

robbie%20being%20prayed%20forRobert Szobonya has been undergoing cancer treatments for several months, but was strong enough to attend this worship service. Tibor and the congregation prayed for Robert’s physical and spiritual health. After the service Tibor asked four of us to join him and Robert for a “serious conversation” in a quiet room where Tibor laid out the Gospel message for him. That’s where Robert accepted Jesus as his Savior and was led through the sinner’s prayer with tears in his eyes. We all prayed over Robert and together with the angels in heaven, rejoiced in his new spiritual life. What a blessing and a privilege that was! Shaun Carlaw and I hope to visit with Robert and regularly mentor him and pray with him. Robert received cancer treatments in two different hospitals this week so we will plan to meet as soon as possible.

Robert’s 16 year old son, Szilard, accepted Jesus as his Savior at a teen camp in Tapolca two years ago. He is the only teenage believer in his small town and in his school. Szilard has been witnessing to his family and his father recently said, “My son is right. Jesus is our only hope.” Robert is a strong and self-admitted “hard” man. For him to listen to and actually be influenced by his son is no small thing. We praise the Lord for the mighty work He is doing, and will do, in Szilard’s family and community. No amount of darkness can overcome the light.

IMG_1454-2Today we are going to Budapest with Erika and Szivester (in group picture). We will spend the night and do some sightseeing tomorrow. Next weekend we will borrow (rent?) a car from Karoly – his personal vehicle – so we can drive to Budapest again where I (Pete) will speak at the KEGY church. Even after such a short time here we do have friends and they are a true blessing.


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  1. Thanks for posting Pete. I am rejoicing with those who rejoice over God’s kindness to lead Robert to repentance and faith in Christ! Praying for our Heavenly Father to bring more believer’s into Robert and Szilard’s path to encourage them in their walk with the Lord!

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