God’s Word Won’t Return Void – Carla

Thank you to all who were praying for the presentation I gave at last week’s English club about the trip to Albania. There are no immediate results that I can tell you about. Only that the Lord is womens_bible_study[2]faithful to His promise that His word will not return void. Only one woman approached me afterward to try and share (difficult because of the language barrier) that although she thought the pictures were beautiful, she was more moved by our mission in Albania and hopes that it will succeed. This was the only encouragement I received but it’s quite alright. I specifically mentioned that “God truly loves the Albanian people, and that He loves the Hungarian people just as much. That is why He sent His Son, and that is why we share His message with you.”  Being able to say that, and the practice I got in trying to share the gospel with enough detail, but succinct enough for translation, were tremendous blessings for me.




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