Albania Opens Doors in Hungary – Carla

We feel Albania was successful in opening our eyes to even more need – in a good way, not in an overwhelming way. It was an exciting week because we could actually engage people on the street because they spoke English and were very friendly. We also were super impressed with the young people of the Sukth church and their work ethic and apparent zeal for the Lord. I met a 12 year old named Paula who I hope will be my friend for life. The first picture is of Paula and I in Sukth. The 2nd picture is two young men that Lori and I shared with in Durres. I have been in daily contact with them on Facebook. Pray for Evi on the right, and Elezi on the left.

Also, everyone here in Tapolca seems to be interested in our Albanian travels and asked if we could give a presentation during the devotional time next Thursday (the request actually came from the English club group itself). So, I (Carla) will prepare that and do a slide presentation on 4/7.  Shaun and I agree that we will use the question of why we were there, to present the gospel here in Tapolca! It is so cool how God can use our work in one place to bring His word to bear in another place with the same need. Our creator is so creative.

We arrived back in Budapest very late the day before Easter. Even though we were absolutely exhausted on Sunday morning, we only had to travel up some stairs to the Danube International (English speaking) church service. We LOVED the worship and music. We saw some familiar faces and even met some new ones. We were blessed to be there! Then we enjoyed some sightseeing and got to know Budapest a little better. I took a nap and was finally ready to get on the bus and head back to Tapolca.

I have much more to tell about ministry here, but I will need to save that for another day very soon! Thank you for praying. We feel the need for it probably more than ever.

With much love!



2 responses to “Albania Opens Doors in Hungary – Carla

  1. Love that…our Creator is so creative! Praying for those whom God has put in your path & thanking Him for the ways He is giving you a platform to share the Gospel!

  2. Carla and Pete, So awesome to see how God works in the most unexpected way! We will be praying for your time this Thursday!

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